Customer Reviews

Nancy Patel Avatar
Nancy Patel
5/14/2024 - Google

Very good place highly recommended

Erin J. Avatar
Erin J.
5/10/2024 - Google

We were on a road trip from Illinois and on the way up to Maine when we got a nail in our tire. We went to the nearest tire shop and they showed zero compassion and said they might be able to look at it in a few hours. We called Bridge Street Tire and they said they’d fit us in as soon as they could. We made it to the shop and they had us patched and back on the road in about an hour. Made it back to IL with the patch, so must have been good work.

Kevin Hastie Avatar
Kevin Hastie
5/04/2024 - Google

They take time to test drive the vehicle instead of just throwing parts at it and hoping for the best like most mechanics Ahmed is honest and knows what he is talking about definitely recommended!!

J T Avatar
5/03/2024 - Google

Driving through on vacation and picked up a nail in the tire. They were able to get us in quickly and patched up. Fantastic shop.

mike haley Avatar
mike haley
2/28/2024 - Google

Great shop, great bunch of guys. Fair pricing and got the job done when they said. Strongly recommended.

Romario Brown Avatar
Romario Brown
2/28/2024 - Google

Excellent service and everything was done well and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Johan Lannek Avatar
Johan Lannek
2/28/2024 - Google

Great service and tire shop. Glad to find this place, so few of them around these days. The owner and his staff is very knowledgeable and service minded.

J H Avatar
2/20/2024 - Google

Trustworthy local mechanics, transparent, fair prices, would recommend

adeana lamarche Avatar
adeana lamarche
11/20/2023 - Google

ahamed is a honest guy. his work is always done right and is on time. The price you are given is a fair price.if something small or big needs to be done he is your guy.

Samnang Iv Avatar
Samnang Iv
11/20/2023 - Google

Not just tires. They do everything under the hood to the tail pipe. Great customer service, reasonable price, & quality work. Ahmed is your guy.

Studio 35 Nails Avatar
Studio 35 Nails
11/20/2023 - Google

Looking for a trusted mechanic? From my personal to my kids car I can trust them. They do great work and they don't over charge like these chain mechanic shops. Fair and reasonable price.

Bill Ilott Avatar
Bill Ilott
10/20/2023 - Google

UPDATE. October 15, 2023. My Ford Escape needed extensive front suspension work due to rust. They got the parts and took care of the job in one day. Hard working and great guys. Excellent honest service. He quoted me a job for $220. After he did the work he called and said the part only needed cleaning and a new gasket. I paid $63. Exceptional work!!

sam ndolo Avatar
sam ndolo
10/20/2023 - Google

Very good guys I love working with them

bilal elhassan Avatar
bilal elhassan
8/20/2023 - Google

this place is one of my favorite they are quick and always they find the problem and easy to comunicate ahmad and ahmed they are doing great job

Marta Sousa Avatar
Marta Sousa
8/20/2023 - Google

My first time here and I enjoyed my experience. The personnel was very accommodating and kind. They were professional and fair. Ill make the trip back to keep checking my car with them.

Bethany Tripp Avatar
Bethany Tripp
7/20/2023 - Google

This place was amazing! Super nice and helpful, I had an unexpected car problem, got it towed here, and they fixed it quickly. I would definitely come back here for any car needs!

Zachary Kelsey Avatar
Zachary Kelsey
7/20/2023 - Google

Great service! Everyone was respectful and reliable! Recommend this place!

Romeo Tene Avatar
Romeo Tene
6/20/2023 - Google

I’ve taken my cars to Ahmad for years my entire family also takes our cars to him. He is absolutely the best mechanic I’ve ever seen and extremely trustworthy. He’s going to tell you exactly what your car needs. He doesn’t try to upsell he’s an honest man and I wouldn’t take my vehicles to anyone else

Sugar Bear Avatar
Sugar Bear
6/20/2023 - Google

Ahmad is great, fast and reliable service. Very honest won't upsell you on anything your car doesn't need. Fair and honest pricing, can't say enough great things about Ahmad and the work he does! 5 stars!

jenn cabral Avatar
jenn cabral
6/20/2023 - Google

Ahmed is a true gem! Honest, wise and reliable mechanic. Would highly recommend him and his shop to anyone in the area. Very knowledgeable with all cars. Great service at reasonable prices

Robinson Joachin Avatar
Robinson Joachin
6/20/2023 - Google

GREAT MECHANIC. I have a BMW special edition an he is the only person I can trust to get it right every single time. If it’s not broke, he won’t fix it and that’s very honorable. Great Mechanic!

nadine kanj Avatar
nadine kanj
6/20/2023 - Google

I did my breaks there before and some problem happen to them and they gave me the warranty on them after more than a year really honest people

David Mugira Avatar
David Mugira
6/20/2023 - Google

Very good guys professional Ahmad makes my car like new I have been coming there a lot and all my family comes there too

Raj Shah Avatar
Raj Shah
6/20/2023 - Google

Ahmad is good professional and excellent mechanic with lots of knowledge and experience performing complete brake job on my 2013 Honda accord. He is on time and you can tell and see his work very nice.

Tanya Marlar Avatar
Tanya Marlar
6/20/2023 - Google

These guys are awesome! They fixed my car and explained the issue, in a way that I knew I wasn’t being ripped off. Super nice people and I would highly recommend this place to anyone that wants a quality mechanic!!!

Heather K Avatar
Heather K
5/20/2023 - Google

I trust these guys with my wheels.

Deanna ABS Avatar
Deanna ABS
5/20/2023 - Google

I, personally, have been working with John @ Bridge Street for almost 5 years. He been servicing our companys work fleet since the beginning and it was an easy jump to bring him my personal ride. He's amazingly fair on his prices - unheard of in these days of inflation and sketchy supply chain. He's also amazingly thorough in his diagnoses. I agree with the reviewer who moved to Ashland and still uses Bridge Street. John is the best.

Ahmad El haj Avatar
Ahmad El haj
5/20/2023 - Google

Very fast people they know what they doing and good prices

joey goode Avatar
joey goode
5/20/2023 - Google

They do what they say for the price quoted.

Edward Egersheim Avatar
Edward Egersheim
3/20/2023 - Google

Listen, hands down these guys are the most honest stand up guys you could ask for,I send my daughter's there because I know they will be treated with respect and get a fair deal every time. Simply the best.👍👍

Alyson Gearty Avatar
Alyson Gearty
3/20/2023 - Google

Visited at 9:30 on a Monday after I ran over a nail on Sunday. They had me in and out in under 40 minutes with 3 people ahead of me. Price was great, they put my spare back and left my car spotless. Will definitely recommend them to friends and family!

Белояр Стожаров Avatar
Белояр Стожаров
3/20/2023 - Google

Отличный сервис в данной местности с хорошим отношением где никто не хочет вас обмануть. Очень рекомендую.

Matthew Ferrera Avatar
Matthew Ferrera
3/20/2023 - Google

Long overdue shout out to John and his team from this loyal customer. I have been taking my vehicles to Bridge Street for several years. Their service is top notch. You will not find a better or more honest shop than Bridge Street, so much so that I have continued to use them as my primary mechanic even after moving 30 miles away to Ashland this last year. They are that good. Last weekend when my manual truck would barely turn over and not go into any gear, I knew the right move was to get the vehicle towed over to John rather than risk taking it to a local place citing a transmission issue. Many other shops would use this as an opportunity to fleece the customer, but per usual, John and his team diagnosed the exact problem and charged his incredibly fair rate for the repair. You cannot overestimate the value of a good mechanic. This one is the best. - Matt

Robert DiStasio Avatar
Robert DiStasio
3/20/2023 - Google

Quality work at excellent prices.

Richie Monarch Avatar
Richie Monarch
3/20/2023 - Google

On Saturday afternoon, while the shop was closed, the serpentine belt on my 2006 Dodge Sprinter died a horrible death. I was able to limp into John's parking lot and drop a note and my keys in the early check in box. When I returned to the shop on Monday morning, 10 minutes before the posted opening time, the van was already in the work bay and diagnosed. John was able to get the parts (belt and pulley) and had me on my way by 10:30AM. I was very pleasantly surprised!!! Thank you, Jon and crew!!!

Jacob Zhang Avatar
Jacob Zhang
3/20/2023 - Google

No chance in hell you'll find a better auto repair shop nearby than this one.

Collene Black Avatar
Collene Black
3/20/2023 - Google

I am never going anywhere else for an oil change ever again! Half the price of Jiffy Lube and Valvoline and they give you a free tire rotation with an oil change

S C. Avatar
S C.
3/20/2022 - Google

Very friendly and fair! I hope that I don't have to go back any time soon, lol, but the next time I need service I most definitely WILL go back!!

Emile D Avatar
Emile D
3/20/2022 - Google

Very honest and experienced technicians. I recommend all my family and friends get work done here.

Amber Ma Avatar
Amber Ma
3/20/2022 - Google

I, who am dumb in all things cars and tires (I just let my husband handle it), had the unfortunate luck to get a flat tire in the area. I didn't even call in advance if they had my tire size. AAA towed me here. I don't live in the area so I was eager to get home. John noted that he didn't have any of the tires in my size at the store. Before full panic could set in, he made a call and was able to locate a tire somewhere nearby. He actually went to go pick it up! The level of service and kindness is above and beyond. He didn't try to sell me anything else. He was so helpful in trying to get me on my way. Highly recommend.

Alex S (Diesel-powered) Avatar
Alex S (Diesel-powered)
3/20/2022 - Google

Great shop with a crew of HONEST techs, one of the few shops these days you can trust everything you're told.

Andrew Vaillancourt Avatar
Andrew Vaillancourt
3/20/2022 - Google

Great service highly recommend

Christine C Avatar
Christine C
3/20/2021 - Google

This place is a lifesaver! Woke up to a flat tire and found out a screw was lodged in my tire Bridge street took me in quick and was able to patch it good as new! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be coming back in the future!

kvf kvf Avatar
kvf kvf
3/20/2021 - Google

These guys are great 👍

Denise Mackinnon Avatar
Denise Mackinnon
3/20/2021 - Google

I have used this incredible company when I have had tire emergencies with different cars I have owned. They are incredible. Sullivan tires charges at least 50% more than Bridge Street Tires does for the same job and are completely unengaged with their customers. I am so impressed with the owner of Bridge Street tire and alignment and their staff with their commitment to excellence and their commitment to their customers. Thanks for being there for me in horrible emergencies like driving over a broken tree in a snow storm.

Sean Avatar
3/20/2021 - Google

Saved me a ton of money after I hit a pothole and grubble riccocheted and smashed all my fuel lines. What audi quoted me for over $1500+, they did everything and beyond for over 75% less than that!! Great honest guys. Will be returning soon as another issue came up 😂😂