General Motors recalled another 3.4 million vehicles on Monday for defective ignition switches.  The recall affects models 2000 to 2014. Some of the models included are Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac Deville and DTS, and the Buick Lacrosse, Lucerne and Regal. To see if your car is on the list, go to the GM website here and enter your
The National Transportation Safety Board is doing an investigation on the correlation between a tire’s age and tread separation. According to ABC, the Rubber Manufacturers of America have spent some money on lobbyist in an effort to defeat legislation in Massachusetts that would require tire age to be a part of the regular vehicle inspection
It’s almost spring time in the South Shore! Today has been a warm 70 degrees and sunny and we’re loving it!  While we can’t guarantee that there won’t be another snowfall (this is New England we’re talking about), chances are we’re in the clear. After a long winter, all the freezing and thawing and salt
To celebrate National Car Care Month, we are going to provide some basic maintenance tips to keep your car well maintained and avoid costly repairs down the road.  Neglected vehicles are always the most costly when it comes to repairs so nip them in the butt before they are a pain in your butt! Auto